Guidelines to Improve your Classroom

            A classroom that is conducive to ;learning has a lot of advantages. It allows a teacher to teach effectively and ensure an optimal learning environment for her pupils. To promote teaching and learning, you may follow the following guidelines:

1. Seating Arrangement

            Chairs arranged in rows can lead to learning difficulties for pupils in the back of the room. Others may have behavioral issues. There are also pupils who may get bored easily when they are further away from instruction. The teacher should consider the arrangement while giving each pupil an “upfront”view.

2. Decorations

            Use decorations and colors to create an environment where children want to learn. This adds visual  structure to the learning space that would make a classroom environment attractive.

3. Functional Fun-Corners

            Use a corner of the classroom by adding pillows, shelves filled with books to make a reading corner. You may also use educational games or other stuff for musical exploration. It’s a way of encouraging the children to enhance their skills in reading and at the same time stay inside the classroom rather than playing outside during their free time.

4. Promote Democracy

            Invite all pupils to participate in creating a fun and safe learning environment. Classroom democracy helps build character in pupils by addressing their needs. Always involve them in creating rules, in resolving conflicts and in determining solutions.


Janice D. Mercader

T-II Baseco Elementary School

Modern Technology in Classroom Teaching

            Educators today dramatically adjust their teaching methods in response to new technology over the years. Gone are the days when only chalk and board are used to provide instructions. Schools now consider the use of modern technology in classroom teaching. Indeed, nobody can deny that technology has revolutionized education.

            We are all-eyes in witnessing how the gadgets in the classroom  create a more interesting and interactive environment. If only each school will be budgeted to keep current with technological trends, then the learning that takes place will become more relevant and meaningful to pupils.

            According to John Byk, a Michigan certified teacher with a Masters Degree, there is a debate in some schools on how to best use new technology. The first one is the Teacher-Centered Technology. Gadgets that are used strictly by teachers are designed to enhance presentations, paper works and outside communications. It allows the teachers to transform lectures into real-time multimedia presentations.

            The second one is the Student-Centered Technology. Pupils in the classroom are given the chance to explore and to access the computers. Other schools have internet access that can be used in group projects.

            Whichever is used in your classroom at present, what counts most is the learning that takes place day after day.


Janice D. Mercader

T-II Baseco Elementary School